Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Matt #54 Whosoever shall loose his life

Well I'm not sure what to say other then thank you all family and friends for the wonderful E-mails you have all sent. I feel bad by saying each week how happy I am to recieve your e-mails because I dont want you all to think that I'm being ungeniune each week as I thank you all. I truly am so gratefull for the time each of you sacrifice to send your testimonys and love. And each week is so special for us to read your letters. Each letter I read is a letter sent from my personal angels back home. If you only knew the love I feel each e-mail I read and the power it gives to Ben and I. Thank you so much. I love you all so very much.

Well I'm sure everyone is wondering what happened to me this past transfer... Well I finally left my dear area Campanário after 7 months... It was one of the hardest moments I've experinced on the Mission for awhile and saying goodbye to those I love was hard... Many people there changed my life and helped me in so many ways. I will especially miss my recent converts and the small but growing branch there... I love them all so much and they truly have a special place in my heart. As the day of transfer came nobody knew what would happen and to be honest I was a little nervous. After 7 months in one area you become a little used to your surroundings but the Lord knew it was time for a change. The day of transfers came and my new area is... Jardim Apurá in Alvaranga! The great news is that it looks like I will be staying in the São paulo Mission with President and Sister Tanner and my area is all farmland. (It reminds me of home in some places) I was very happy and excited. My new campanion is names Elder Borges and he is Brazilian. He only has 5 months on the Mission so he is still a little new to the Mission but hes amazing and very funny. He seemed really nervous at first and when I asked what was up or why he was so nervous he explained. "Your my first American Companion I've had on the Mission... do you think you could teach me English?" Haha Hes a great Missionary and I know there is a lot to be learned here in my new area and yes we have began learning english together... hes awesome! 

This past week in my new area was a normal week and a little stressfull. Its sometimes hard to build those new relationships with the members but I can already feel their love so I'm not to nervous. Yesterday was sunday which means it was my first day to really get to know the members. They are amazing and I had a very spiritual experince. I'm not sure if any of you remember but my final year in seminary I had the chance to help teach the Special needs seminary class. I remember that when I recieved the call my Father told me that everything happens for a reason and that the Lord had a reason for placing me in that class, he was only preparing me for the future. I wasnt sure why the Lord had me help with that wonderfull seminary class at the time but the experince was something so special and dear to my heart, this past week I had the chance to become best friends with a young man in my new ward named Morino. When he was a small child he was hit but a truck leaving him with some disabilitys but I've never met someone more in tune with the Spirit and with such a Big Heart. Yesterday he blessed the Sacrement with such a big smile on his face and I couldnt help but reflect back on to those pure Spirits in that seminary class my Senior year. It was such a small moment and the thought only lasted for a minute or two... But that was enough time for the Spirit to touch my heart and bring small tears of joy to my eyes. It was a moment I cant really explain but it was a small tender blessing that I would have missed if I hadnt been paying attention to the still small whisperings of the Holy Ghost. How many moments in our lifes do we get so caught up in the world that we miss the small and tender blessings. Mom your e-mail really touched my heart as it touched Bens as well... We do have so much wickedness in the world but as we learn to let ourselves go we will find ourselves in the Lord. For example by forgetting ourselves and reaching out to a young girl who needed a hug is a perfect example of a small act of forgetting onesleve but the biggest return in blessings, your the best Mom. Let the things of the world go and focus on the Lords work. Focus on the big plan of Happiness and live up to your potential... This week I became a little frustrated because I was trying so hard to feel the Spirit and teach by the Spirit but its was just hard this week to focus. I then came to realize that the reason I wasnt feeling the Spirit was because I was trying so hard to focus and find the Big blessings that in turn I was pushing him away by ignoring the small ones. Its when we have a smile on our face and allow the small blessings to bring us joy that we can truly feel peace in our Savior and his Love. I encourage everyone to look for small blessings in your day to day lifes and try not to focus on looking only for the big blessings, I promise that you will find so many little blessings that they will all add up to be a Million big ones! :)

I love you all with my Heart and Ben I miss you so much... Your all such examples to me and I hope that this e-mail answers someones prayers for all of your e-mails answered mine. I pray that as we ponder on the Scriptures this week and try to recongnize those small blessings that the Lord will feel you all with the Spirit of Love and that we may grow in testimony. I love you all with all my Heart... please never forget that Ben and I are always here for you all always. This is the true Church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth today and I do not have a doubt in my Heart. :) I love you all and pray for you all everyday. Take care and may God be with you till we meet again. 

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