Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ben #25

Wow was conference just awesome this last weekend! Can I just say conference is a whole new experience as a missionary. As I sat there and listened to the words of the Apostles and Prophet intently I felt the spirit unlike ever before. They had a certain light glow from within their eyes and I just could not turn away from them. As soon as Prophet Thomas S. Monson anounced the new age my mind was blown, my spirit touched, and my heart rejoiced. This revelation from God will progress his work in more ways then I can believe. I know alot more young men and women will now serve and I as a representative of Jesus Christ cant tell you how amazing a mission is. It is for everyone and EVERYONE should consider it prayerfully... The things I have learned in this 6 months have changed me so much. I really am in debt to my wonderful savior and redeemer Jesus Christ for all he has done for me, and taught me. The joy I feel is undescribable. Consider this new revelation from God and join his army he NEEDS YOU ALL. Thank you all again this week for the emails ecspecially my wonderful family, Mom. Dad, Alyssa, Karen, and Melanie. You each touched my heart with you emails and though I cant respond individually please know I took notes and inspiration from all your emails. They touched me and I hold your stories and spiritual experiences dear to my heart. Please know that. Sounds also like Clint is doing awesome. PLease let him know the desire to serve only gets stronger as you get out and learn to have Charity for those you serve. Its such a glorious experience.
Well as for my week lets begin with the intersesting experiences, ending with conference, and a true miracle. First last week, the day after p-day some things occured in our area that were a little unusual and as I prayed with my companion we felt the Lord guiding and protecting us.( A promise from my blessing) I knew that the area I was in wasnt in harmony with the spirit... We contacted the the leaders of our mission (District leader, Assitant to the President etc.) and they thought the best course of action would be to leave my area of Anhanguera for a day or two. We did as we were told, and soon left. I was a little disappionted cause that meant two days of not working with our progressing investigators but I also felt it was best to not be there. We spent the next days in an area called J.D. Amanda and it was a great experience. I was with my District leader Elder Delrei and wow is he an amazing missionary. He cant stop smile and laughing, and always looks for the best in people he is such an example of a true disciple of Christ. I hope to find the same attitude as him and "Uncover my Pavillion and submit to the will of the Lord"-Henry B. Erying. (Loved that talk) The day soon came to go back to our area. When we got they all of our investigators became, what they say here in Brasil "Moles," I was so confused and a little discouraged but I knew I just had to keep going and trying my best. I kept working but I was still seeing no success and I felt like we were going backward with our investigators. I ecspecially become a little homesick on Jenni's Birthday as i missed home and thought im doing no good here. There I was sitting on the side of the road in the pouring rain with the loud cracks of thunder filling the air around me as I decided to mimick the rain and pour my heart unto my savior and ask for his guidance... As the prophets this weekend talked alot about "Leaving our nets (My home, family, friends, wordly possesions) for my Savior" I thought I just have to submit and do His will not mine. I instantly felt the loud thunder of the voice of the Lord bring peace to my heart. We have to give him everything to have that conversion. Something everyday im learning step by step. David A. Bendar said last night "...its a slow progress that must be taken line upon line. In time you will have a true conversion. A testimony is not enough." As I sat there I once again felt a little bit closer to my Lord. As I sat up and continued in the pouring rain the lord poured a miracle unto Elder Clay and I.
We meet with Douglas. You all remember Douglas? He was the man during my first transfer whom we took to the Temple. We have been working with him all 3 transfers and after that moment in the rain feeling the lord deepen my conversion and bring peace unto my soul we began to talk with him. He told us he knows this is all true and he cant wait any longer to be baptized. We contacted the District leader to conduct the baptismal interview and then talked to the Bishop about his situation. During the last session of conference Bishop came and talked to us and told us we have the ok to baptize him. After the last note of general conference was sung by the Tabernacle choir we suited up Douglas in white and... Yes, baptized him. After 4 months in this area working as hard as I could finally I witnessed a miracle given from God on high. Elder Clay baptized him and the spirit was so strong. Tears filled my eyes as I watched him enter those waters... Afterwards I went and talked to Douglas and he explained how he had never felt this much happiness. (either had I haha) We went back into the room and us missionaries sang a hymn for Douglas. He cried with joy along with his wife Adrianna (She is a member) I felt the spirit so strong and it was an amazing way to end conference.
Family, friends after all these months I finally had the chance to have my first baptism and what a joy I feel. I know this church is true and just cant describe my feeling for this mission. My feelings for this restored church of God. I know the Prophets voices that we just heard this weekend were the divine words of God given to us his children. I loved Conference and all the revelation I recevied. Mom you said you loved Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk. ( so did I) but I want you to know that yes... I love my savior. I left my net and want to continue to serve my master forever. During the middle of the Sunday Morning session when we all sang with the choir "Called to serve" I was the only one in the English room as all the missions went to get a drink of water outside the door. I began to sing with all of you across the world in Brasil "called to serve" and felt tears streaming down my face as I stood and sang with all my heart "Called to serve him my Heavenly King of glory" Im called and im here, the smile could not leave my face. I feel so much happiness and peace and love for this work and I love being a missionary. I cant type my feelings in words, im sorry... just know my sure testimony and... my sure conversion to this everlasting Gospel. I know its the Gospel of our king. I love you all and cant wait to hear from you all soon. MAy God be with you till we meet again. What a strength you all are to me. If there is any advice I can give you its the same words we just heard from all the Apotles yesterday... leave your nets, and have your own true conversion through faith, Scripture study, prayer, and always keeping the commandments. I promise there is nothing more rewarding then to feel the love and happiness the Gospel brings. God bless you all.
Love Elder Benjmain B. Doggett
p.s. Transfers are tomorrow, i just found out my companion is from Chille... so that means English is out the window for the next little while but Im super excited! I know im going to learn so much. Im also staying in Anhanguera for another Transfer. We have alot of great people to teach. I cant wait its going to be a great Transfer. Love you all!

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