Monday, October 15, 2012

Matt #27

Well first of thank you mom for telling me about sister sommers... I can't tell you how sad I am to hear this... I loved her so much, I will never forget everything she did for me and the example she set for all of us young immature boys up at the cabin! Haha I will never forget how incredible her cooking was and all the incredible meals she made for us up at the Cabin and all those times we finished moving pipe and would go and eat apples from her apple tree and she would give us some swidish choclate. Those are some of my best memories with my friends and I will cherish those memories forever... please let the Sommer family know how much I truly love them all. Also I would like to share with you the last conversation I had with sister Sommers. It was Ben and I's first day set apart as Missionarys and with my first companion (Ben) we went and shared and incredible conversation with sister Sommers. She bore her testimony to Ben and I about the power of Missionary work. We laughed and we cried and she told us how gratfull she was for our examples and our decison to serve a Mission... but to be honest ben and I should have been thanking her and her family for their examples to us and by helping us prepare for a Mission. Words can't describe how I feel right now, Im a pretty emotional guy so its hard to put all this in words... but please let the Sommer family know how much I love them, that I will always be here for them. Also I dont have Maguels information but please get this e-mail to him. Let him know how much I truly love him! Grandma Sommers was a special women who everyone looks up to, She set the perfect example of the perfect mother and wife and I love her with all my heart. Please let the Sommers family know I love them and their in my prayers always. 
         Well im sure your all wondering what has happened to me this past week and well its been insane! Eu estou muito feliz porque este semana passado recebi meu primeiro companheiro BRASILION! If you didnt understand my Portuguese this past week I got my first brasilian companion and well my Portuguese is improving faster then I ever imagined but thats only because everything is changed. I'm forced to learn or die now haha and its tougher than tough. I dont have my American companion to fall back on when I dont understand and its been a tough but growing week. Also Im in a whole new area with all new branch members and all new investigators and new district... its been a busy but incredible week! My new area is called Diadema em São paulo and man is it getting hot here. haha It is a lot cooler then my last area because we are no longer surronded by mountains but that doesnt mean its not hot! Haha but I'm loving every second of it and things are going great for me. I love the Mission and I love the people of brasil with all my heart! I wont lie it has been pretty tough this week with the everything being new but I just have to keep working hard. My companion is great, he has 7 months in the mission and so we are pretty equal on experince here in the Mission but since he's fluent in Portuguese he's senior campanion haha. There are a few things we need to work on already in our companionship so im getting a little scarred for the future but for now things are going good! 
       Well I hope I answered most of the basic of changes and questions haha. Well my new area is incredible and our ward members are incredible. I wont lie our chapel looks more like a temple then a meeting house and its so beautiful inside and out and its HUGE! haha which makes me happy because we are going to baptise the whole cidade do Diadema este transferência! Só água! and so we will need a big meeting house. Yesterday was a special dia for me and I wont lie the Spirit was overwhelming during church and some things happened that I will always hold dear to my heart. One thing I would like to share however happened as I took the sacrement, I remember sitting there yesterday and as I reverently took the Sacrement I felt such calmness such peace that I began to cry. I thought back on everything in my life leading up to this point and I just couldnt believe that I was here in Brasil on my Mission... The talk from last weeks General Confrence replayed in my mind over and over again during Sacrement meeting of the young deacon passing the Sacrement to the older gentelman... as this older man partook of the Sacrement he truly felt the Saviors Atoning sacrifice in his life and he knew how impotant it really was for him. I'm happy to say that I too can testify just how important the Sacrament is for us. I love this Gospel with all my heart and I'm so happy to be here in Brasil sharing the Gospel with all. I feel my Saviors love in everything I do here and I'm so gratfull for this oportunity to serve. Missions are hard... actually thats an understament haha Missions are impossible! No 19 (or now) 18 year old young man can serve a Mission alone its just impossible.... but we have the Savior on our side and he is always with us. There hasnt been a day that has past by that I dont feel his love in everything I do.
         I miss you all very much and I especially miss my incredible twin brother.... Ben I know that you are one of the biggest disturbers and annoyers Satan will ever have the oppurtunity to be infuriated by and I love you with all my heart. My brothers e-mails are incredible and sometimes I feel that I'm reading messages written for the ensign and not an e-mail from my incredible twin. My brother has more courage and faith then anyone I know and I love him so much. I want everyone back home to know how much I love you. I'm sorry my e-mails lack detail and I dont write many letters home to those who really mean the world to me... but remember that I'm always thinking of you all always... I have a hard time whenever we teach about eternal families during the 1st lesson because I always cry when I mention my family and my investigators always seem a little scarred I'm crying haha :) But its true. I love my family. I wont try and put it into words anymore how I feel for all of you because I cant... the only thing I can do is bear my testimony that I know this Gospel is true. That we really are nothing in the grand scale of things here on this earth but still... we all mean everything to our Heavenly Father and he loves us so much. I miss you all and love you all with my whole heart. Please remember that I pray for all of you everyday and this Gospel is real. I love you all! :) Elder Matthew ryan Doggett    

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