Monday, October 15, 2012

Ben #26

...My heart is full in this very moment as I hear the events of this past week. My thoughts are with the Sommer Family at this moment. I had the chance to feel Sister Sommers love during my teenage years. I remeber once particular event when all the boys went fishing and I headed back up to the cabin, there I got to sit and talk with her for a good hour. As she boar testimony to me, a 16 year old boy, I felt the sure witness of the Holy Ghost leave her lips. Another time much later in my life I once more heard this powerful testimony. The last day before entering the CTM and begining this wonderful journey of the mission matt and I sat down with Sister Sommer and shared our testimonys, everyone of us. She shared with us some life experiences and her unshakable desire to follow our savior Jesus Christ. As I sat there set apart as missionary the spirit touched my heart even more then before... She set the course for the rest of my mission and my life...I hope the Sommer family knows that. She has given me strength to be what the Lord needs me to be. I love her and know she is with our Father in Heaven. I cant describe how powerful and comforting this statement is. She was and still is a true disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you everyone for your emails this week once more what a strength they are to me. Mom and Dad, Aunt Karen, Alyssa, Jason, Olivia, and of course my brother Matt. You all have such testimonies of this Gospel and sure convictions. Matt its amazing to me week after week to read how similiar our weeks are. I too am somente falando em portugése. As vezes é diffíl cara,mas eu sei que nos vamos aprender bem rapído! My companion is from Chille and let me tell you it has been quite the experience for me. He is senior companion but we are still in my Area which means im the one who knows all the investigators and members. Its been a little overwhelming for me and definatly this week was really tough for me. Also my companion comes from a different background than I do and thus doesnt have the same ideas as I do.He kinda beats to his own drum and does what he wants but I know the Lord will guide me in this difficult situation. I feel though my Portugese is improving so fast right now being with him which is such a blessing. Being with him though has opened my eyes to many important things some of which I wrote in some letters home to my family. I read a scripture in Jacob 6:12 this week that reads this "o be wise, what can I say more." This are close to the final words of counsel Jacob gives us before he confronts Sésom about Jesus Christ sorry dont remember it in English haha, but my thoughts kept turning to this very important truth "o be wise." In all of our decsions in this life be wise and put the lord before your face. I say this because of many of my experiences this week were centered around this simple but great truth. My companion tryed getting me to participate in things that were not in haromony with the rules of the mission. There I had to take a stand and be "wise," it wasnt easy since it was my first week with him and the launguage barrier is still present but I know the lord comes before all other things... even my companion. God promises in the scriptures that when we do what he says and keep his commandments he will keep His promises "For I the lord am bound when you do what I say, but when you do not what I say you shall have no promise." I need the Lord and his Promises. I want to drink from the well of eternal life that Jesus so simple taught, I want those blessings and happiness that occur when we do what is right, dont you? My cousin Clint sounds like he to is experienceing this in his mission right now as well. Keep staying strong and be wise cousin love you. Also Matt my brother. You are always wise. I love and miss you dearly and want you to know how strong your testimony is to me. It influences me every week I read your words of inspiration. You are such a powerful missionary and know how much I love you Matt.
This week was a tough one but today a truely powerful one. I realized once more my great purpose here in Brazil serving these great people. This week I can lie to you all I did become very discouraged and frustrated with some of the things I heard and saw from other misisonaries, but I testify of the great power of the Atonment and prayer. What a powerful thing it is in our life. I know God does answer our prayers just like our beloved prophet Thomas s. Monson said in this last General Conference. Sometimes we are faced with trials and trials of our faith its only when we are backed up to the wall of our faith and make our stand that determines who we are... and we all will come to that point in our life. I felt that this week and know the lord is putting me to the test and giving me the oppurtunity to come to know him even better. In conclusion the story of the women at the well comes to my mind, and which I quoted from a little bit earlier but in it Jesus taught that the water from the well would be of temporary benefit; (Things of the world) to one who would drink of it thirst would return; "but" he added, "whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of wayer springing up into everlasting life" Everyday here on the mission I feel the Lord giving me one more sip of this everlasting water (my mission) and I know once this cup is finished I too shall never thirst again... Im so grateful for this Gospel and this mission. For the things the Lord is so patiently teaching me. I am his humble Servant and I know in him I take strength this is my testimony and prayer that we all be wise and do all we can to follow our Lords commandments and drink from the well of everlasting life. I love you all family and friends and pray with all my heart for everyone of you; Thank you for all your prayers and strength on behalf of my brother and I. What a strength it is. The Church is ture and may God be with you till we meet again... Also Matt I just wanted you to know I miss you so much and really if only you knew how much you do for me. It means the world to me... haha Satan is the one who trembles when he sees Elder Matthew R. Doggett coming down his way with his giant smile! :) Love you Matt.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett   

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