Monday, October 29, 2012

Matt #29

Wow everyone.... words cannot describe how I feel right now. For some reason today the Spirit encouraged me to read all the e-mails that were sent by my friends and family... its been awhile since I read them all and im so glad I listened to the promting of the Spirit and did because it was much needed today. I wont say names of people who have sent e-mails becuase I dont want to leave anyone out by accident but remember everyone I have read each letter and cried over each one... I miss you all so much thank you for your stalwert examples to me in my life. 
  Well Im not sure what to write this week ... Its tough to make a decision on what to write because after 1 week in the Mission everything changes for you and so when it comes time to write the E-mail, your ideas and thoughts have changed so much, but I'll try my best to sum up one of the most growing weeks of my Mission. Just like my Brother we are experiencing very similar situations and I wont lie but im a little scarred how the Lord is giving us the same trials to make us use are full potetial. Its like we are twins or something having the same Mission in diffrent areas! :) This week was a blessing for me just like every week on the Mission. We have good days and bad days, Days when we feel like we are on top of the world and nothing can stop us or bring us down. Then we have days that are just plain rotten where nothing goes are way... Its the rotten days we need to be gratfull for because those are the days we can apply all we've learned about the Gospel and flip our day around. I had one day this week that was especially difficult for me. I was trying my best to smile and laugh and make the mood light with my weird jokes and strange humor haha but as the day wore on more and more things began to happen that tore me down, but the final breaking point of my hard day was when we recieved the news that my first promising Baptism fell.... Family and Friends I cannot describe to you the emotions I felt at this moment and I will not even try to explain to you how I felt... I just felt hopeless and my faith was shaken. I was walking with my companion and then I just stopped walking... my smile was gone... and I couldnt force another step. My companion didnt notice so he keeped walking. I then said silently to myself "Heavenly Father I am trying my best, I am doing all I can. Where are the Baptisms I pray for every night." I then sat down in the middle of the road and cried like never before. At this moment my companion noticed and he quickely came running back. He said "Elder dogget are you ok? Are you crying because your happy because I've never seen you sad!" Haha I smiled again and explained my feelings to him. Its strange how fast the Lord picks us back up when he knows we've had enough haha. During this time only one thing pressed on my mind when I felt all was lost... I thought of my family and especially my Mother and Father. I thought of my sisters and all my incredible family and support back in Rexburg. All the blessings I'm recieving everyday because of you all. 
Im sorry everyone that you always have to hear all the tough times and you never hear of all the happy times I have here but to be honest, I would have to write a 100 page e-mail just to explain about 1 happy moment hear on the Mission. :) Remember its though the tough times we really grow the most. I'm not sure why I dont have any baptisms. Their is a new Missionary here in São paulo sul who has 13 already... I wont lie I felt pretty defeted when I heard this news but one Missionary who I love so much named Elder Birch said something that changed everything for me. He said "Elder Doggett I have met many Missionarys here on the Mission. I've met good Missionarys and bad Missionarys. Heres the Diffrence between the two... Its not the Baptisms they have but the Spirit that feels their eyes whenever they testify of this great Gospel that defines the good from the bad. Elder Doggett your a good Missionary keep working hard!"  Family and Friends I want you to know I'm really doing my best, and thats all the Lord wants and asks of us. :) I've never been more happy in all my life. Last week my Brother sent a incredible e-mail full of so much strength and faith and a pretty hilarious story about a boy trying his best on the hurdles. This week I too want to share a story with everyone about a man who I look up to and love with all my heart. He put up with a lot during his life especially from his brother, and during this time he always did his best. During my stay ay the CTM I had the chance to really get to know this Man and he tought me so much about what it truly means to love the Mission and have faith. He's had some tough times already on the Mission but I've never met someone more willingly to give his Heart to the Lord. One Sunday in the the CTM this Man stood up during sacrement meeting and bore a testimony about our dear Prophet Joseph Smith that no one will ever forget. He changed the life of every individual in that room with his sure testimony of the Prophet Joseph smith, There was a love that he had when he bore testimony that no one could deny the Spirit.... The last time I saw this man he was waving goodbye to me and I was waving goodbye to him through tear filled eyes wondering when I would see my incredible Brother Ben again. 
Ben I love you, Mom I love you, Dad I love you (Happy Birthday too) :), Jenni/Matt I love you. Rachel I love you, Alyssa I love you. And ALL my friends I love you too. :) I know this Gospel is true with every fiber in my heart and I'm so happy for the chance I have to hear. Im sorry you all dont hear much from me and Im sorry I dont write more about my investigators but I promise I will soon haha. Also sorry this e-mail is soooo long. I'll try better not to send massive E-mails. But remember I love you all and I know this church is true. I honestly cannot believe there is snow in Rexburg because its about a Million degrees here haha but I love it and im so blessed to have the chance to be here. I also want to write and say that next week I will have my first 2 Baptisms with Alexandre and his sister Nayane. Their ready for Baptims and I know they will follow the example of Jesus Christ on Novemeber 4th. Please pray for them and pray for all the Missionarys in the world we need your prayers. Love you all and sorry once again this e-mails is crazy long. I love you all. Áte proxima samana. Eu ti amo! Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett          

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