Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Matt #28

Esta samana passado foi ochimo mas foi Dificíl também... meu Português está bon agora mas tenho muitos coisias preciso aprender antes que eu fale fluente, sabe. A Missião é dificìl, durante esta experencia aprendi sobre humildade e como aplicar a mim mesmo aqui na missião and im loving every second of it. :) First off I didnt have time to read everybodys e-mails but I did print them off and will read them once im finished here. However I did read Laurens and I just have to say im so happy for you. Its crazy how fast things are changing back home and its sad that I can't be apart of this great time in your life. but remember that I need to be here in Brasil... I need to be helping as many people as I can! Lauren I love you so much and I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. I hope clint knows how blessed he is to have a women like you. :) Also everyone else thank you for your e-mails. Please write big e-mails EVERYONE because for some reason im not recieving letters and its been a long time since I've heard from anyone letter wise, but thank you for your e-mails they really mean the world to me.
         Well to start off things are going great for me personally. I've learned my purpose and I'm speaking another language... its weird I wont lie but yesterday I was sitting then in church just smiling and listening and without even thinking I was understanding what was being said around me... it was a strange feeling but after 7 long months of work work work things are finally starting to make sense. :) But dont get me wrong im not close to being fluent, I have my stuggles but thats no longer my worry. Right now im worrying about my companion. This past week was very hard for me. Just like my incredible brother things are hard especially when you have problems in the companionship....Im really trying my best, I cant tell you how hard im trying to help everyone but its been really tough. Im not Senior so I can only do so much... Im just trying to be an example. One Missionary said to me at the last Mission confrence we had "Elder Doggett do you want friends in the Mission, or do you want to follow the rules?" I was disgusted with this comment! That should not be how it works around here, but sadly thats whats happened with me. I've done my best to follow all the rules and because of it things are going rocky in our companionship. I love my companion with all my heart and I know with diligent effort and consistent work all things will be ok. Haha Its pretty funny my last companionship inventory I was holding my Preach my Gospel and my book and my hands were shaking as I was preparing to tell my companion what things we needed to change together. He was like "Elder Doggett is everything ok your shaken and sweating?" haha It was a hard time but things are going better now and I wont lie, I've never been happier! Are Branch is on fire and the members are ready for Baptisms (So am I) and I hope this next Sunday we will have three! I still dont have a Baptism here in the Mission but thats no longer a bother on me because I know that I am doing my best and being Obedient.... On the Lords time everything will work out! :) One thing I want to write is this past week I also had crazy intense food Poising and I was so sick I could barly move... but then I remembered that I was in a house with three other Elders who hold the Power of God. I asked for a blessing and I will never be abe to describe how incredible that blessing was but I was able to work a little later that night. The Power of God is real and Im so gratefull for the chance I have to be here shaing the Gospel with everyone. I also want to write that it was during that time when I was sick that I really grew in appriciation for my Mother. For her loving touch and care whenever I was sick, Or when she would go and get me some 7 up when my stomach was upset... I also missed my Father when I recieved a Priesthood blessing. For some reason when I recieved that blessing a very old memory poped into my mind when my Father and my Home teacher Brother Jackson gave me a blessing when I had the Flu... At that time I didnt understand the importance of having a Father who had the Power to give me a blessing but now I do and I remember how good I felt afterwards. I want everyone to know that I love my Mother and Father so much... I love you both and miss you both so much. I actully started crying (I cry a lot out here in the Mission) when I began to think of all my parents have sacrificed for me in my life. I love you both and I hope you know that there is not a single day that has passed by that I havent thought of your incredible examples. I love you both. Well im sorry this letter is fast and I dont have time to respond to everyone individually. but know I love you and that im really doing my best. remember that numbers arent everything and I think the reason the Lord hasnt allowed me to have a Baptisms is he knows I have a big head... He just wants me to be ready when the Special time comes which it will. :) I love you all and hope to here from you all soon! Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett. (Brother of the Good looking Twin)    

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